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What you'll need

  • Coffee
  • Grinder
  • Chemex
  • Chemex Filter
  • Scales
  • Hot Water (about 94-95 degrees)

The Chemex is a wonderful way to experience a crisp, clean, complex cup of coffee. The filter paper is thicker than other papers, so it keeps back more of the oils – the ‘body’ of the coffee.

Perfect for some of the more adventurous tasting coffees. Try a natural Ethiopian or Kenyan on Chemex and prepare to have your mind blown!

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1. Depending on what Chemex you have, you may need to fold the filter before you brew. This is done in three steps. The first  – fold the filter in half like so…


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2. Fold the smaller semi-circular piece back on top of the larger semi-circular piece


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3. Fold the whole thing in half again – straight edge to straight edge


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4. Place the filter in the Chemex, with the three folds against the Chemex spout – like so…



5. Weigh out 15 grams of delicious coffee



6. Grind the coffee to a coarse grind – just a little finer than you would for a French Press


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7. Pre wet the Chemex filter with hot water – this also acts to heat up the Chemex itself. Remember to discard this water before you start to brew.


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8. Pour in the ground coffee, trying to make the bed as level as possible


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9. Place the Chemex on a scale and zero it. Gently pour in 30 grams of water – try to wet all the grounds


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10. Fresh coffee will always have a lovely looking ‘bloom’ – as the water starts to extract the delicious flavours & releasing CO2


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11. Once the level of coffee starts to drop down ever so slightly, top up the hot water – this time to 60 grams with gentle, circular pours


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12. Again, when the level starts to decrease top up the Chemex with hot water – this time up to 120 grams.


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13. Finish off with a final pour to 250 grams, maintaining a gentle, steady and circular pour. After you have done this pour, stir the Chemex three times in a circular motion (in the same direction you were pouring) to keep the coffee grounds agitated for a more even extraction of flavour


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14. Remove the filter and pour. Enjoy your crisp, clean cup of Chemex brewed coffee.